Fall-in-Love with your hair.

There are two ways to approach your pre-fall hair color appointment: You can opt for a subtle, low-maintenance tweak (in the interest of staying out of the salon for the next few months), or finally go for the big color change you've been mulling over since the start of quarantine.

However you're feeling about your current color — loving your natural roots or feeling drained by dullness — there's a highlight or balayage trend that will serve as inspiration for a fresh fall look. From the chic new take on brunette balayage (meet chocolate chai) to a bright-white platinum that will pop up on Zoom screens everywhere come September.


Like the cooler version of "cold brew" brunette updated for 2020, we call this remix "chocolate chai." Brown explains that the dark root color lends itself to the chocolate reference, while the swirls of chai are the painted pieces of pale brown placed around the hairline — but off the root — for low-maintenance, lived-in color.


If you have dark hair and are looking for a fall highlight that won't go brassy in two weeks, consider a honey-tinged tone. A subtle honey highlight used in conjunction with a blue shampoo cancels out orange-y undertones and delivers a natural-looking warm highlight over dark hair.


For the change-seekers, I've been seeing a lot of people turning to something bright. Maybe it's the Zoom screen or just quarantine in general, but I'm finding a lot of clients are itching to do something bold, either chunky face-frame highlights or a really light platinum. Not everyone needs to go brunette or red in the fall!


It's apple everything season! I have always love September because of my love of apples! Apple cider, apple pie, and of course the red delicious hair that clients crave! The variation of the red spectrum is broad, and their is a perfect red for every skin tone, but my personal favorite is this intense red with a hint of violet, keep a red tone shampoo in your routine and you are good to go!

Fall is a time of change and reflection, its the perfect season for expressing yourself with bold moves and colors. So don't be afraid to change it up this year, we need it more than ever. Don't let the season of change pass you by! With September beginning tomorrow, I will finish this post with a quote from Helen Hunt Jackson, "By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with summers best of weather, and autumns best of cheer." -SC